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HypoSurface: Wall in Motion

August 16, 2007

Getting bored of the walls around you? Put HypoSurface on them and enjoy the show!

HypoSurface is the World’s first (see the note at the end) display system where the screen surface physically moves. It uses an “interlocking flexible panels activated by compressed air from behind the wall to create three dimensional waves, patterns, images, and even words by moving the flexible panels in sync“. Using software, the wall can react to sound and movement. Add to that some light effects, and the result is quite amazing:

Here is another video showing HypoSurface in action at the Bio 2007 International Convention:

You can find more videos at the company’s website.

(via [Geeks are Sexy] Technology News)

Note: I don’t think it is the first display system with a moving surface. Daniel Rozin built the Wooden Mirror in 1999 and the Shiny Balls Mirror in 2003. There is another thing: why did the company register their commercial website as a dot-org?

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