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Summer Training @ Futureware: Days 31, 32 & 33

August 14, 2007

At last! I got the chance to work on something as interesting as the OLAP Cube.

On Saturday, I started searching for audit trail components based on the new info. One of the employees told me that I should take a look at the Enterprise Library (a library of application blocks designed to assist developers with common enterprise development tasks). I found that it contains the Logging Application Block which can be used to simplify the implementation of common logging functions.

On Sunday, I started reading a blog about how to use the Logging Application Block. I tried to follow the steps of building a simple application with logging capabilities, but there was something wrong with the database connectivity. I changed so many settings to the extent that I couldn’t trace back the changes, but it refused to work. The Team Leader sent me an e-mail containing more details and asked me to study this tool more. This was good news for me, because I figured out that I won’t be going to Aramco soon!

On Monday, I continued my struggle with the library and the DB. After one last reboot, the whole thing worked! What made it work? I have no idea! (Déjà vu: I faced a similar situation with the OLAP cube before). I developed and tested another application with more logging capabilities. I sent an e-mail to the Team Leader to inform him of my progress.

What’s next? I don’t know! I have managed to dodge going to Aramco for the time being, but I don’t know if I can keep doing it till the end of my summer training.

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