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Summer Training @ Futureware: Days 16, 17 & 18

July 23, 2007

During the last three days, I hated Aramco, I struggled with my progress report and I got some money!

On Saturday, I went to Aramco for the second time to see the Team Leader and show him my work. For my surprise, there were no PCs with Business Intelligence Development Studio! The database server had it but we couldn’t risk overwriting the data. So, there was nothing to do other than explaining my work to the Team Leader (which I could have done over the phone!). When I was done, I had to go back to Futureware to complete my work. The only problem was that no one is allowed to enter Aramco with his car unless it is registered and has a sticker (i.e. employees, …). Therefore, I had to wait for the company driver to come with the company’s car and pick me up. Unfortunately, he had some urgent business to deal with. I waited for two hours doing nothing! Is this security really necessary? I don’t think so. Believe me, nobody will do no nothing! (notice the double – even triple – negation!).

On Sunday, I added more dimensions to my “beloved” cube. I was expecting the Team Leader to come to Futureware to see it but he didn’t. In addition, I investigated the possibility of using Excel Services to view the cube. I also tried to type my progress report, but the PDF file was protected! I tried Adobe Acrobat Professional (version 7) and Foxit Editor (evaluation version) but nothing worked properly. I have to find the Word file somehow (I just won’t give up and type it by hand!).

On Monday, I expanded the cube even more. I faced strange problems in processing and deploying it that mysteriously disappeared (as long as this thing work, I won’t complain!). The Team Leader didn’t show up again (he is really busy and under huge pressure). So, during my free time, I created my Arabic blog.

Oh, and I got paid too! Now I need to figure out where to spend all that money 😀


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