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Browse the Internet in 3D

July 16, 2007

In the “bad” old days, people used to go back and forth between web pages using one window (1D). After that, they started opening many windows at the same time, too many windows that made the working area really crowded. When people got sick of this mess, Tabbed Browsing came to the rescue (2D). Now, there is a new product that could be the start of something big. It is SpaceTime 3D (3D, of course 🙂 ).

SpaceTime3D Screenshot 1

SpaceTime 3D is a web browser where the space and time of the Internet converge into one. It simply treats each page as an object and places it in a time line in the virtual space (Huh?). You can move between pages in 3D perspective just like FPS games. By double clicking a page, you can maximize it and then browse it just like you would do in any other web browser.

There are other promising features in this browser. You can use Google, Yahoo or Flickr to search for images. You can search eBay or Amazon for something you want to buy. You can also search YouTube and some RSS feeds. The result of any search will be put in an appealing stack in the virtual space just like web pages.

SpaceTime3D Screenshot 2

Using this browser is really fun (I’m writing this post from within it). Unfortunately, it is not a painless experience. Opening many items makes the application slow. In addition, it requires a lot of bandwidth (they say that the minimum requirement is 768 Kbits/sec!). Compared to other browsers, there are many missing tools (spell checking, changing proxy settings). But we have to remember that it is still BETA.

Thanks Einstein for making this possible 🙂

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