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Summer Training @ Futureware: Days 6, 7 & 8

July 11, 2007

I decided to stop blogging about my summer training for every single day. Instead, I will create a single post that summarizes the events of the past three or so days (unless something extraordinary happens!). There will be side effects though: I’ll lose track of time! On Monday, I simply thought that it was Sunday!

Saturday was similar to the 1st day; except that there was an Internet connection this time (we played Internet Backgammon!). We thought that we were supposed to present our work in Aramco, but it turned out that the Managing Director and the team had a meeting with the customer and they presented the tasks that we were working on. It was official now: we have to work with the real system soon. So, I continued working with the tutorial. Throughout that day, I got the chance to see parts of the Live Earth concerts live from the MSN site.

On Sunday, I continued working with the tutorial (again!). When I got really tired of it, I posted an entry about Live Earth. The Managing Director came to our office before the break and told us that we should go to Aramco in the upcoming days. We didn’t go out for the lunch break, but we smashed the world record in leaving the office early (We had a good reason: our PC’s were about to be moved to our new office!).

On Monday, we were finally working from our new office (the sad thing though is that we lost the amazing view of the old one). As you might expect, I continued working with the tutorial (yet again!). The Managing Director told us that we will be officially part of the team working in Aramco, i.e. when we are done with our current tasks, we shall help the team in any available tasks. I told him that I might need other resources (especially books) to know the ropes of Analysis Services. He was very understanding and told me that they can buy any book of my choice from Amazon.

Now I need to decide what book to buy. I’ll search the net to find one that is most suitable for a beginner (that would be me 🙂 ).

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