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Summer Training @ Futureware: Day 5

July 4, 2007

This will be my first post to write from inside Futureware! (don’t worry. I’m writing it after 5 O’clock)

I continued with the SSAS tutorial (man, lesson 3 was LONG!). Also, the Managing Director sent me an email that contained some links to some resources. One of them was AppDev. I registered with the site in order to download a sample of the SQL Server 2005 Analysis Service course. The video sample tutorial was really good (it helped me understand some concepts and raise some questions that must be answered). I thought of buying this course but the problem is that it will cost $1300!

In the afternoon, one of my summer training colleagues went to Aramco to see the real system being developed on site in order to figure out how to integrate his component with it (he was working with a “fake” system interface). When he came back, he told us that the Project Manager said to him that we shall present our work on Saturday. Not the complete work, but what we have done so far. If the costumer likes it, we have to continue with the real system.

I wanted to see the Managing Director because I had some questions about the actual database, but he was in a meeting. I have to wait till Saturday.

I can hear a voice from the next room saying: “Dude, it is Wednesday! What the hell are you still doing here?!“. I think I should leave now. Out.

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