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Summer Training @ Futureware: Day 4

July 3, 2007

It is amazing how Microsoft products can sometimes behave in a strange way!

I wanted to work on my task which involves understanding how we can use SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services as part of the “bigger” project. Because this was a completely new topic for me, I had to find a good starting point. What could be a better starting point than the SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services Tutorial? (well, maybe it’s not that good after all!)

I installed the SQL Server on my PC (this took a lot of time). When I tried to do the second task of the first lesson, the Connection Manager couldn’t connect to the sample database at all even though everything was looking fine (all of the necessary services are up & running, the user is granted a login, …). I tried everything I know (I even reinstalled the entire SQL Server) but nothing seemed to work! I left everything as is and went for lunch feeling really frustrated.

When I came back, the Connection Manager was still waiting my input (again). I pressed the Test Connection button expecting the horrible error message, and… voilà! It worked! It just worked without any logical explanation!

Although some concepts are still not that clear to me, I have to continue with the tutorial and see where it will lead me. I have a feeling that my task is going to be more important than what I actually thought.


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