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Summer Training @ Futureware: Day 2

July 1, 2007

A new day, a new task and a tight deadline!

Because the network connection was not ready yet, the morning shift was almost the same as yesterday: talking… playing Pinball… talking… playing Minesweeper… talking… studying for the SCJP 5.0 exam (where did that come from?!). Thanks to the network administrator, our PC’s were online after the noon break. So, we started to do things differently: talking… activating Windows… talking… installing Office 2007… talking… planning to escape 🙂

Just as we were preparing to escape leave at 5 O’clock, the general manager came in and caught us with our pants down (don’t get me wrong here!). He told us that there was a change in plans: they have three critical tasks that need to be done by next Saturday and we were chosen to save the day! He gave us a brief summary about each task and told us that we need to decide who will do what before the meeting tomorrow morning. After he left, we fought 🙂 discussed the tasks for a couple of minutes and distributed them among ourselves.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I must go and find out what on earth my task is all about!

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